ATTENZIONE: ABS problemi con Vario

Attenzione ABS segnala problemi per alcuni modelli di ABS Vario della stagione 2011/12.


We have recently received frequent indications that the airbag compartments in Vario base units from the 2011/12* production series may rip or tear when the airbags are activated. Tests have shown that during prolonged, closed storage, the Velcro fasteners sometimes develop such a large holding force that the inflating airbag tends to rupture the airbag compartment rather than tear away from the Velcro and then unfolds inside. If the the serial number starts with 612 or 712, please contact us using this contact form. Please make sure you use this form so that we can immediately send you the precisely tailored Velcro strips and instructions for free.”

Si può compilare il modulo al seguente link:

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