ATTENZIONE: ABS richiamo Wireless Activation

Attenzione richiamo per il sistema di attivazione wireless.

ABS recalls its Wireless Activation system. During training activations a fault has been discovered in the light detection mechanism. Therefore ABS offers its customers an upgrade of the Wireless Activation system by December 15th 2013. The self-activation mechanism of the airbags is not affected.

During training activations particular problems with the remote activation of the ABS Wireless Activation have been discovered. This remote activation system offers an additional function: Group members can activate their airbags among each other. All current ABS avalanche airbags can be optionally equipped with the Wireless Activation.

The self-activation mechanism of the airbags is not affected by the Wireless Activation system. An intensive analysis showed the following result: The photo detection in the activation handle that converts the flash of the gun powder cap into a remote signal is not able to detect major deviations due to aging processes. Those deviations only occurr in some case. To ensure their safety ABS will offer an upgrade to all customers.

ABS customers, who own a Wireless Activation unit are asked to send it including the
RMA form
by December 15th 2013 to the following address:

ABS Produktion
Bahnhofstrasse 14
D-84177 Gottfrieding

After a comprehensive upgrade of the light detection the unit will be returned to the customer 6 weeks after inbound.

All ABS systems which are not equipped with additional Wireless Activation are not affected.

Bild Wireless Activation

What is the Wireless Activation?
The Wireless Activation is a radio-controlled remote activation for ABS® TwinBags. If configured appropriately, a single member of the group can activate all other group members’ airbags in the event of emergency. Your own ABS® backpack can always be activated independently, regardless of this.”

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